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Interior Design Colour Consultancy: Welcome
Modern Interior living space with leather sofas

Innovative interior designer

For a space that has you written all over it. Start planning your space in Canterbury with a professional helping hand from Mediterranean Village.

A different side to Mediterranean Village

As you'll have guessed, we're much more than a delicatessen. With our founder qualified and highly experienced in interior design, this is another area that we work to serve our clients across Canterbury. 

Our bespoke solutions are focussed around helping you maximise your property's potential, offering invaluable consultations to assist individuals with the planning and stylising of properties of every purpose. It's where our passion lies, and we love taking the quirks and characters of our clients on board to achieve amazing results. So, what are you waiting for? Enhance your property with us today!

Interior Design Colour Consultancy: Headliner

Knowledge you can take away

potted plant in a living room

In addition to the guidance that we'll provide for your specific project, we'll also offer hints and tips to help you continue the décor's harmony throughout your entire property.

A comprehensive consultation

metal coffee table with orange sofa and dark green armchair

Stylising décor isn't as simple as slapping some paint on a wall. It's all about balance and choosing colours and furnishings that complement one another. That's why our interior designers cover all bases, from the fabrics to the furniture.

The personal approach

wooden coffee tables with cream coloured sofa

We appreciate that the style preferences and needs of every client are completely unique. That's why we put a focus on your individual desires and ideas, to promote the creation of a home that reflects you.

Interior Design Colour Consultancy: Price Quote

Time to start planning!

Contact Tina Marie, our interior designer via email. We can't wait to unleash the potential of your property. 

wooden coffee table with grey sofa in a modern living space

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch.

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